Lets talk Lips!

Hey Lovelies!

Every lady knows that the biggest make-up statement you can make is with a nice statement lippy. So, naturally everyone has their favourite go-to brand.

Many ladies I speak to love, Love, LOVE MAC lips ❤ I like MAC lipsticks, but I think that they’re a pretty over rated brand (I KNOW UNPOPULAR OPINION I’M SORRY) and prefer body shop lipstick as I find they’re a smoother finish and nourish the lips more than MAC.

Currently, In my make up bag is Benefit’s Sugarbomb ultra plush lipgloss which is the loveliest, shimmery nude gloss I’ve bought in a while and isn’t super sticky (bonus!!) Also, Younique stiff upper lip lipstain’s are amazing, they have the best staying power of any stain I’ve ever used (and at the moment it’s on deal if you are getting one, but pick another two you save some moneys £££’s/$$$’s, orrrr if you buy a lipstain and a lip pencil you get an eye pigment free 😉 which we alllll love to hear!) I also have a body shop lipstick which I think are excellent value for money ❤

Top Tip: if you use a white pencil on your cupids bow and blend it with your finger, it makes your lips look much fuller without the Kylie Jenner challenge ruining your beautiful faces ❤

Hope you enjoyed yet another make-up post

As always,

Allie xoxo


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