Lets talk Lips!

Hey Lovelies!

Every lady knows that the biggest make-up statement you can make is with a nice statement lippy. So, naturally everyone has their favourite go-to brand.

Many ladies I speak to love, Love, LOVE MAC lips ❤ I like MAC lipsticks, but I think that they’re a pretty over rated brand (I KNOW UNPOPULAR OPINION I’M SORRY) and prefer body shop lipstick as I find they’re a smoother finish and nourish the lips more than MAC.

Currently, In my make up bag is Benefit’s Sugarbomb ultra plush lipgloss which is the loveliest, shimmery nude gloss I’ve bought in a while and isn’t super sticky (bonus!!) Also, Younique stiff upper lip lipstain’s are amazing, they have the best staying power of any stain I’ve ever used (and at the moment it’s on deal if you are getting one, but pick another two you save some moneys £££’s/$$$’s, orrrr if you buy a lipstain and a lip pencil you get an eye pigment free 😉 which we alllll love to hear!) I also have a body shop lipstick which I think are excellent value for money ❤

Top Tip: if you use a white pencil on your cupids bow and blend it with your finger, it makes your lips look much fuller without the Kylie Jenner challenge ruining your beautiful faces ❤

Hope you enjoyed yet another make-up post

As always,

Allie xoxo


Eye see you baby!

Hello lovelies,

I have another picture for you today (yaaaay) 😀 you’ll like this one I promise! If you have always loved how eye-shadow can give a statement eye but have never really known which colours to use yourself: CRISIS AVERTED!


Browns, and greys’ also look lush with brown and green eyes (from experience) and no one looks better with a deep black smoky eye look than my blue eyed babes

A bonus image (OOOOOooOoOoH) I know, I know, I have problems….


The white eyeliner is literally a godsend, all hail the beautiful person who brought this to us all!!! It is literally my savior on a night out really makes those eyes pop! if you team this with 3D fibrelash mascara from Younique you’re guaranteed to have the best framed eyes in the room ❤

Hope you enjoyed this quick one,

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Allie xoxo

Washing Make-up Brushes

Hey guys,

So I have a friend (she is 23) who told me today that she NEVER washes her brushes like EVER. Naturally, I was horrified and gave her the speech about how you get bacteria in there and then you get all spotty etc…

But she elaborated; she never washes her brushes. Ever. She THROWS THEM OUT, AND BUYS NEW ONES. WHAAAAATTTT!?!?!?!?!

I asked her how on earth she can afford that life, to which she replied “I don’t buy the expensive ones, I get sets on eBay. I would love a good set of brushes but I am so scared that I would wash them wrong and they’d go bald”. So I showed her how to wash her brushes properly today, and now she has bought a lovely set (yay make-up win).

But it got me thinking, how many lovelies actually don’t know how to clean their brushes? So consider this blog an education ladies, I will reveal the secret!!!


  • A bowl
  • Baby shampoo (i use johnsons as you can buy that stuff everywhere)
  • Access to a tap

1) Rinse your brushes in luke-warm water, (i do mine under the tap but if you don’t have a mixer tap use the bowl) massage the bristles gently to get as much make-up out as possible. Don’t go ham on them, remember they’re not unbreakable but don’t be terrified to touch them either (my friend was).

2) Fill the bowl with fresh luke-warm water (this point is key if you have used the bowl for the first rinse) and squirt a little baby shampoo into the bowl. Gently swirl your brushes around in the bottom of the bowl to work the shampoo in. I sometimes take them out and massage them with my fingers and on the palm of my hand to get them bubbly and make sure all the bristles have been in contact with the shampoo water but that’s because i’m pretty anal about making sure they’ve been cleaned evenly and is an optional point.

3) Rinse them under the tap again and repeat the second step, I typically repeat and rinse like 4/5 times until the water is totally clear and the bubbles have no hint of make-up.

4) OPTIONAL STEP: I put a teeny teeny bit of conditioner on my brushes at this point so they stay lovely and soft (I use human hair brushes) if you do this ensure you rinse it off completely.

5) Use a cloth of a towel to wipe dry your brushes, try to mold the bristles back into their intended shape as you do this. NOTE DO NOT TRY TO TOWEL DRY THEM THE WAY WE DO WITH HAIR, THIS IS NOT TO COMPLETELY DRY THEM OUT JUST TO GET THE MAJORITY OF EXCESS AND RESHAPE THEM!!!

6) Lay them out to dry, I usually put mine on a towel on the kitchen draining board it, drives my grandad mad though so if you don’t think the inhabitants of your home will appreciate it and you don’t want to get scolded, perhaps thinking of a better more convenient location may be wise….

NOTE: If you have sensitive skin, perhaps a better idea than using baby shampoo would be to use your own skin cleanser as you know you will not flare up with that. I have not had any problems myself with Johnsons baby shampoo but obviously I know I am not a representative of every woman ever and would never profess to be 😉

Hope you found this helpful!

Lots of love and stuff,

As Always,

Allie xoxo

Guess who’s back!

Hello my beauties,

I know its been ages since my last post, I have been incredibly busy with university and life. But I am back now, and excited to say I am now a younique rep! So to celebrate, here is an informative make-up brush pic for you all 🙂


So I now have a page set up to sell all that pretty awesome younique make up which is awesome for me and for anyone who wishes to buy any goodies, below is my link 🙂


And if you’re wondering about their vegan status:


And for anyone who is interested here is a review on 3D fibrelashes


Lots of love and stuff

Allie xoxo