Life skills life lacks

Hello friends, this is a rant so if you don’t wanna read and get involved I’m not going to be offended at all 🙂


This picture perfectly sums up the story I wish to share with you. Today,
A very close friend phoned me out of the blue for a catch up chat – I was absolutely thrilled I hadn’t spoken to her in weeks (we kept missing each other the perks of busy life) so needless to say we had TONNES to catch up on. I began to explain to her about my granddad’s stroke which happened in January (during exam week no less) and told her how much he has improved from then. This is when our happy chat went downhill she made this sort of disbelieving snort and then said “well he is old Allie, this is the beginning of the end now so you should start saving up for his funeral and get him to take out a life insurance” – like WHAT?!?!

Naturally I did a mini double take and said “I cannot even believe I heard those words, surely you can’t mean that”. “Of course I do,” she says “I mean he’s on deaths door you might as well profit from it”. Needless to say I was fucking stunned. This is a girl I’ve known for 6 years and I never knew she was capable of such tactlessness.

I mean, I’m not one to avoid the truth, I know my gramps is getting on a bit but this is actually the first real medical problem he has had other than calcium on the elbow and the guy is 81 years old – I think he’s doing well! One thing is saying “that’s not good Allie, tell him to get a life cover with critical illness it might be a comfort to him knowing he’s protected” and an entirely different thing is “ensure you cash in on him dying Allie, you might as well.”

I told her that was a very cold thing to say to which her only response was “well if it was my gramps I’d at least make sure he had insurance to pay the fucking funeral you don’t wanna end up having to pay for that shit it’s expensive.” I couldn’t believe it, so I asked her “where were you when they were giving out manners and common courtesies? I guess you over slept” she laughed it off as best she could but the convo was stilted and forced after that so the call ended as suddenly as it began.

Am I just over reacting? I don’t believe I am, I thought that was a completely tactless way to say that. Tact is a life skill! Doesn’t everyone understand how to be thoughtful at all!?!

I have lost some respect for her since though, I did not like that at all. I guess it shows you don’t always know someone… Ah well

As always
Allie xoxo


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