Night-time ponderings

A few weeks back, Em, my closest female friend asked me to be her Maid of Honour for her wedding next spring — of course I was absolutely delighted and honoured she had asked me at all. As the weeks have slowly ticked onward and I have been trawling haphazardly through various wedding blog’s I realised I actually don’t know much about weddings. There’s actually loads of extra stuff the romance novelists and Hollywood directors leave out! There’s like a gazillion events like dinners and parties (pre-wedding) that I’m at a loss of what happens when etc. 

The whole confusion got me to thinking when I had imagined my own big day I had always focused on the ceremony itself. I had not really given much thought to the other stuff… apart from the hen party and the honeymoon and the other aesthetic features I wanted, I then determined this was probably the soul reason for my own ignorance on the topic. Oh well.

Em and Matt (her fiancé) are so good for each other, and compliment each other perfectly. I had always known that the couple were built to last, when Matt had told me his plans to propose my first immediate thought, I admit, was “but you guys are SO young” Em and I are 20 and Matt is a 21 but then I kinda realised that I couldn’t imagine either of them with another person, and as they’ve been in a relationship for so long already live together it is the logical next step on the commitment ladder. Plus I always respected them both for doing it properly the old fashioned way – marriage then babies. I don’t know about you, reader, but I find I know many many young single mothers now many of whom are my own age, and some of them having multiple candidates for the childs’ biological father, which is kinda sad really.

I’ve kinda scratched out a little timeline of when I would roughly like to settle down and begin a family and I have a target to do so in a number of years. Ideally, as a 20 year old I think the perfect time to settle down and marry is about 25 years old and adding children to our family? A minimum of a year after tying the knot. I have chosen those numbers for my own personal reasons, I finish Uni in two years and want to build my career before becoming a wife and mother as I know that I would have to take time out of the field when starting a family. I also believe that a couple should be engaged a year before tying the knot and should live together before that. I believe its a gradual process —  you need to make sure you can stand each other before getting babies involved!

Thinking about it, am I asking too much? Am I too particular? Is it really right to plan that meticulously? I’m not sure. Though for all my plans and ponderings the one really crucial question is; Am I a hypocrite, if my BF proposed out of the timeline or whilst we were still young would I accept? the answer is simply yeah, to both points.

It’s amazing when you find that person who completes you and makes you feel both whole and secure. He is the yang to my ying. And I know no matter what order I’ve compartmentalised my family life If he asked in a day a year or 4 years the answer would be the same. And nothing else matters.


As Always 

Allie xoxo


Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to work we go….

As unfortunate as it is, my work life sadly doesn’t involve little dwarf’s singing a merry little ditty whilst digging for precious gems with pickaxes. Though, at my workplace the absence of pickaxes may be an excellent executive decision… I’m sure that many a member of staff would find an unholy use for it.

I work in a London call-centre, and for those of you who do not really know what that involves — basically I’m one of those annoying bastards who rings your telephone trying to get you to buy stuff — in particular, life insurance.

Now I know those calls are awful to be on the receiving end of, believe me I don’t enjoy receiving them myself but in our line of work, the people we call actually sign up for free insurance and give us all their information including telephone numbers. Then have the cheek to complain that they’re receiving calls. Now maybe I’m wrong but if you’re putting you’re telephone number on a form to a company to claim free insurance — expect a fucking call. It seems logical. right? I dunno…

Anyways, today I came to the conclusion that this job is really making me unhappy, and I cannot continue to work somewhere I am unappreciated, under immense performance pressure and mind-numbingly bored shitless. I have decided that it’s time to job hunt again. and I am most definitely not looking forward to the process.

Shhhh it’s a secret!

Yep, it is! A secret that could possibly be the worst kept secret ever… Okay, okay perhaps a little exaggeration is in play here.

Now if you like me are the kinda person who dyes their hair like it going out of fashion, uses heat to style it into something more manageable than the bush it would most likely become if you didn’t then this is a hair-care secret you’ll love once you try.



1x Raw egg


3 or 4 x teaspoons of Olive Oil


1 x Tablespoon of honey


Cling-Film (or Cellophane if you hail from America)


1) Grab yourself a bowl — not the little ones you would eat cereal from a bigger one than that. Once you’ve got that add all the ingredients (order is not important) just dump it all in there together and mix it well so all the components blend together. (Please note that the measurements are provisional you may need to double these if you have longer hair)

2) Apply — literally rub it into the hair from root to tip though I personally recommend that you are more generous around the mid of the hair shaft to the tip as this is where most of the damage is located (split ends and dryness). I know it is a gross feeling gunky mess and but the results are soooo worth it!

3) Wrap — grab yourself that cling-film/cellophane roll and pull off a sheet large enough to cover your hair and wrap round your head… i find it is best practice to use more than one sheet and do it in installments but do this in the easiest most comfy way for you. Ensure two things; that its a tight wrap so will not fall out quickly and that all your hair is contained within and now piled on top of your head. Now grab a towel and wrap this over the cling-film/cellophane wrap (its to contain heat as this mix benefits from heat and the hair takes it better — trust me). wrap it in a way that it will not fall easily.

4) Wait — Now it’s time to let the mix work it magical-mojo. You may ask how long should you leave it, this is a very good question. The answer is simply as long as possible. The longer the better. Watch TV, Play candy-crush, tweet, facebook, blog to fill time but leave the mix to develop as long as possible. as a minimum guide though I do not recommend leaving it on anything under 45 minutes. The longer it remains on the more treatment the hair cuticles receive.

5) Wash — It’s time to rinse the mix out, just wash your hair as normal, though if you do not use shampoo (I know there are some ladies who use conditioner only) it is advisable you make an exception with this its gunky and water alone may not remove it all.

6) Ta-Dah! — notice the new lease of life? the shine, the feel? Amazing, I know! What you do from here is entirely up to you whether you straighten, blow dry, curl, crimp or leave it is entirely your own choice, I hope this little tip was helpful 🙂


As Always,

Allie xoxo