Beauty & Braids

Hello (:
A girl I know recently said she would love to braid her hair like the fashionistas on Instagram and tumbler which got me thinking about all the pretty braid tutorial pics I save from the Internet. So in a bid to pass on the knowledge and secret to beautiful braids please enjoy this uncharacteristically girly post






As always,
Peace and love,

Allie xoxo


Dear Mum

Today’s post is in dedication to my mum as it’s Mother’s Day 🙂

Dear mum,
Miss you heaps, wish you weren’t so far away and we could spend the day together x

This will be the second Mother’s Day I’ve not been able to spoil you rotten on, I hope Sam is upholding the breakfast tradition – minus the scalding herself with tea.

It’s crazy how fast time has flown, they say the older you get the faster it goes too, but all I know is you’re sorely missed. I plan to visit Sarah today and spend Mother’s Day with her and Fred. I even signed a card on his behalf as he is too little to do it yet, but I’m sure she will get heaps of kisses from him, he is very loveable x

I just wanted to tell you and anyone else who reads this that you are Amazing and I’m proud to call you mum. You’re always there for all of us whether it’s to laugh or moan you listen to it all and never get irritated by it.

I miss the little things like being able to call you on break time and family Sundays (which were a good idea even if I used to moan). I miss Sarah, Sam and I making all meals together so you could be treated the way you deserve.

I know I don’t tell you often enough but I’m thankful and great full to have you and I miss you loads. I think of you everyday x I love you mum. You’re the best.

Love you tonnes x

Peace and love,
As Always,

Allie xoxo