Missing Mum

As Mother’s Day fast approaches I again find myself feeling very lonely without my mum here. My mum left to start a new life in Brisbane last February taking with her my little sister and stepdad. Sadly for me, this means for the second year in a row I find myself without my mum to spoil on Mother’s Day and I miss her so damn much!


Valentines Day One Billion Rising

1br-logo-webHello people of the world. I read an article today which actually made my day. If you are interested please find the link to the article below.


For those who don’t want to read the article, I will surmise it here.One Billion Rising is an activist movement who are basically boycotting valentines day in order to highlight the issue violence against women everywhere. The idea is for women to unite together every where and use dance and exhibitions rather than words and war cries to protest and create social awareness.

“Described as “a global strike, an invitation to dance, a call to men and women to refuse to participate in the status quo until rape and rape culture ends”, One Billion Rising reflects the recent backlash towards the social and political attitudes that fail to adequately address the culture of violence women in the world continue to face.

Without serious changes to social attitude, however, these movements can be powerless. Why do some men rape? Why do some men seek to injure women? Why does society seemingly ignore domestic violence?” – Sarah Aston

Now, I am not telling anyone to boycott valentines day and go flash-mob you’re local grocery store in your best fitting lycra and legwarmers, as I myself certainly won’t be! But I do really respect the women and men across the globe getting involved in the movement. I myself am going to definitely support the cause having been a victim to the above myself and I wanted to share what I read to help them raise awareness for the cause. So I ask you, If you did read this please share the article, share this post, share your opinions and keep tagging “one billion rising” to show them support 🙂

Hey, Tesco, quit HORSING around with our food!

I am certain that I am not alone when I say that the headlines about the horse meat “beef” burgers made my stomach go slightly and put me off shopping in Tesco stores for a while. But the fact remains, I am a student, and I would be a complete liar if I said all this madness “I am never shopping there again” as I am hearing so many others outlandishly state. The fact is Hey, I am a student, I am not exactly rich so yes, I will continue to offer my custom to Tesco’s though I will be mindful of what i purchase.

The fact of the matter is that in many countries across the globe, eating horse meat is totally acceptable, the real issue here is not so much the meat but the labeling and the fact the customer was lied to. If Tesco had said “these burgers contain horse meat” very clearly on the label, then nobody could complain as you were told, it is therefore your own business if you actually read the packaging of the food you buy. 

The way I see it is there are worse animals you could eat than a horse, like street pigeon, rat or fox which, lets face it, are actually dirty animals. Even still, would I eat a horse voluntarily, probably not… did the burgers taste nice? Honestly, they were pretty good. And the microwavable horse “beef” spag-bol was pretty good too. Especially for the price you are paying.

As for Iceland I am seriously wondering why customers are surprised. Food that cheap isn’t going to be 100% lean British beef. Its going to be pumped with god knows what!! I think the real question is, are you certain your McDonalds is legitimately beef? What about your Burger King? And if the low end supermarkets have been getting away with it I would bet my bottom dollar that the more “established” supermarkets like waitrose have been getting in on the act to increase profit turnover. If you go to sainsburys any time soon and find your favorite microwave lasange or some shit has been discontinued…. well I’m not saying jump to conclusions here but i would take an educated guess and say it was probably involved in some HORSEPLAY. If you are reading this from say America or Canada, I would see this as a warning and if you don’t particularly want to be Horsing around with the food on your plate, I would probably be mindful when buying the cheaper ready meals on the shelves and opt to make it yourself. 

As always,

Peace and Love,

Allie xoxo

Pink dress






This is the pretty dress I treated myself to when I went to Brisbane to visit my family over Christmas time. Was happy I had an excuse to wear it recently as I’m not really fond of dress wearing and to be honest it is crazy cold at home (London) ATM! I bought the dress from Dragonberry boutiques 🙂

As always,
Peace & Love

Allie xoxo

Love 💗


This post is in dedication to all the young women who are looking for the wrong thing in a relationship. A relationship is the best when you can be completely yourself with someone else.

As always,
Peace & love,
Allie xoxo